Here Comes The Bride

Leading up to their wedding, the last thing Dan and Adrienne were thinking about was insurance. That’s where Enders Insurance enters the story. In the weeks leading up the beautiful autumn day when they were to be married, our team was making sure that their new family would be protected.

Simple questions yield major results. Simply asking what they needed and when they needed it, we were able to prepare their policies for the changes that marriage brings.

For Dan and Adrienne, that meant increasing a number of coverages on their automobile polices. For the newlyweds, it also provided valuable savings by combining what were two separate policies.

Major life events are the best time to make sure that your insurance coverage meets your current needs.

We quickly turned to their homeowners coverage to ensure the happy couple stayed happy: adding special items on an inland marine schedule.

At the same time, we got them ready for the rest of their lives by reviewing their life insurance needs and long-term planning needs.

For Dan and Adrienne, the peace of mind in knowing that they were protected from day one was invaluable.

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The Flood

Early in September 2012, we all knew that it had rained a lot more than usual. By the second week, no one expected the rivers, lakes, and streams to rise and quickly and as suddenly as they did. Many people that never thought they could be affected by a flood were suddenly displaced from their homes and unable to return. Uncertainty hung heavy in the air.

The day after the big rains, more than a few members of our team couldn’t even make it in to the office. We all rallied together. Some working remotely from home. Others actually going out to insured’s offices to help them bail water and sandbag front doors.

In the days after the storms, we were inundated with calls of questions and claims. More often than not, we found that many had the appropriate coverage and endorsements necessary to pay claims. We spent considerable time explaining the difference between homeowners and flood insurance. It was an eye-opening experience.

In the rush to complete a claim report, it can be hard to understand the breadth of the event. After the fact, the many “thank-you’s” delivered to us made all the difference.
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The Local Ice Cream Shop

Just down the road from our office is one of our favorite spots to visit: the local ice cream shop. There’s just something special about those early summer evenings spent sharing a cone with some family and friends. Our community is vibrant. Not too many other places does this hold as true as at the ice cream shop.

What those happy t-ball teams and parents might not see are the inner-workings of what it takes to operate a small business. That’s where our agency comes in. We recognize that the intricacies that make businesses tick are all unique. An ice cream shop isn’t quite like a construction company; the insurance shouldn’t be the same either. But what makes them different?

With the ice cream shop, we took the time to explain the basic coverages and point out areas of concern. More often that we would like to encounter, we find that business

owners don’t know what coverage they currently have. A little bit of insurance education goes a long way. By working together in the early stages of a quote, we aim to be risk managers and do our best to predict the unexpected.

So while you’re enjoying that next cone, think about the time that the ice cream shop lost all their power overnight... Even the best freezers and coolers can’t keep ice cream in good shape for that long!
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Life Insurance

A lot of people said it couldn’t be done. “There’s no way you can get life insurance” was the phrase that Paul heard time and time again. Life insurance is confusing and unpredictable. Our team focuses on ways to make this coverage easier to understand. Even those really tough cases? Yep, we can work through those too.

Even with a medical history as thick as some classic books, we can help you through the steps to necessary to find the appropriate life insurance coverage to fit your needs. Not everything is easy, but with the right time and effort on your part, we can make it happen.

This coverage is all about accuracy and taking the time to get to know the customer. With Paul, our life insurance “guru” worked through the application line-by-line, right by his side. Answering questions and providing advice on what changes to make in his lifestyle over the course of the application process.

While other companies focus on speed, we know that the difference is in the detail. It’s about finding out what the issues are and addressing them directly with the underwriters that make the final decision.

Even if you think you can’t afford it, or wouldn’t qualify, you might just be surprised at what we can make happen.
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