Meet Debbie

She loves gardening.

Debbie Gibson

Debbie is our resident numbers expert – she makes sure that the books are in order and the numbers all match up. She is vital to our process of making sure that there are smooth accounting practices for the entire agency system. The primary benefactor of this? Our customers.

Debbie ensures that billing is in order and she can track down and apply payments to even the most complicated of accounts. She also runs reports that help the entire team to manage their accounts and make follow-ups easier. That means more time for our team to answer coverage questions and to provide professional guidance.

If you’re ever in the office, hang a left and say hello to Debbie. You’ll know you’ve found her by the sound of the talk radio that is always on at her desk – Debbie knows her current events! And if you really want to get her started, just ask about classic cars!

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