Students & Insurance – Part III

Locker Room “Keys” (Health and Life Insurance)

    • Prior to your student going to college, we recommend sitting down with one of our independent insurance agents to discuss the following scenarios:
      • Generally speaking, students can stay on a parents’ health plan until the age of 26 (as long as dependent coverage is offered on a parents’ health plan). Vision and dental plans are different insurance companies impose certain restrictions for students.
      • Some insurance companies may not extend coverage (or coverages may be reduced; ie emergency room visits) from your health insurance policy when your student temporarily resides in a different state.
      • In certain situations, students may find more affordable options through individual policies on or off of the Health Insurance Exchanges established under the Affordable Care Act.  One of our agents can help you determine whether this is a better option for your student, and can also assist with the application process.
    • When your student is going to college out of state, check with your Health Insurance provider to determine which doctors/hospitals are considered in/out of network.
    • If your student lives in a dorm and travels overseas for an extended period of time as a part of their schooling, then many insurance companies will NOT provide Health Insurance coverage (or the coverage may be reduced).  It is a good idea to review your Health Insurance policy to know for sure.
    • When your student goes to college, it is always a good idea to consider either purchasing or reviewing your existing life insurance policy to assure coverage is adequate.  This will not only protect your loved ones for assistance with home and car loans, but also to protect your child’s education (including tuition, room/board, and books).
    • Assuming your life insurance policy has sufficient coverages, you also might want to consider purchasing a term life insurance policy on your student in order to cover any private student loan debt.

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