Our New Look

For the better part of two years, our team has been operating under the notion that “we should really update our webpage.” It took a lot of time, energy, and late night cups of french-press coffee to make it happen, but our new web presence has come to fruition.

Thanks to our friends at Actual Size Creative, we have something to be super proud of. Our goal is to keep these pages vibrant, fresh, and full of detail. The internet shouldn’t be a one-way street. Rather, we expect it to be a dialogue and discussion. In our case, we want our community to stay informed about the insurance industry on a personal and accessible level.

Together, we’ll go on a journey towards more precise insurance coverage. Spend some quality time with our site. Get to us, our team, and our products. We might just surprise you with what we’re capable of. Yeah, we’re looking at the poodle up there too….

Our homepage is truly the epicenter of activity. There you can find our live Twitter feed. Go ahead –  follow us! If Facebook is your thing, you can hop over there to like us. And if you just want to see what we look like, you can find us at Our Team (We had a photographer that was equal parts artist and magician).

If you like what you see, let us know. We love dialogue.