Think of Enders Insurance Associates as a Spy Plane

Think of Enders Insurance Associates as a Spy Plane

Over the weekend, Andrew Enders had the opportunity to visit the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum in Virginia with some close friends. It is a magnificent museum.

It really got us thinking about Insurance. We know, almost anything could get us thinking about insurance. But this was different. So much of the Museum is dedicated to aircraft (and  similarly situated machinery) intended to collect information. The planes, helicopters, satellites, and even the shuttle were also designed to process the information on the fly.  That’s where we saw the nexus with insurance – as insurance professionals, we collect a lot of information and then use that information to analyze the needs of our clients.

Without someone (a professional) to help you collect the data and then analyze it, you could be missing out on vital pieces of information. For insurance, information is key to protecting against the risks that could impact your family or business. Don’t rely on your own guesses while filling out some online form – a real person that can guide you through coverage options will make all the difference.  Insurance, like planes, can be very complicated, but with someone to educate you on what makes it work, you’ll figure out exactly what you need.

For over 60 years (take that SR-71 Blackbird with 24 years to its credit) we’ve been gathering information and advising clients. We’ll get to work with some field reconnaissance and then we’ll work together to build a relationship to analyze that information as a team.

But sadly, we probably won’t use an SR-71.