Meet Kay

Kay Hyatt, CISR

Kay’s gift is the keen ability to listen to clients and quickly identify and understand their needs. When Kay helps a client through every step of a complex or difficult situation, she feels that she’s done something worthwhile.  She also enjoys the mental exercise of problem-solving and collaborating with team members who have a variety of experiences.  Kay started with Enders in 2017 and learned the insurance industry from scratch in her role as a Personal Insurance Account Manager. Now we couldn’t imagine our team without her.

Kay lived in Turkey for about 5 years, learned to speak the language and grew to appreciate the food and culture. Her time spent outside of the U.S. helped her to appreciate the good fortune of being an American citizen.  She can’t go to an Independence Day parade without tearing up at least a little.  Her community involvement includes being an active member of the Hershey Evangelical Free Church where she volunteers where needed, from hospitality to childcare.  Kay also has tutored international students who are trying to improve their mastery of English, and volunteers with Bethesda Mission in Harrisburg by taking meals to the women’s shelter.

Gardening, hiking, cooking, coffee with friends, and being with her family is where she spends most of her time.  She also enjoys cleaning up, clearing out, taking items to the thrift store, and picking up a few “new-to-her” items while there.

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